Yachts & Workboats

How to meet the high expectations of yachts and workboats owners while optimizing your operations? Dassault Systèmes’ Industry Solution Experiences dedicated to the Marine & Offshore Industry enable you to take up this challenge

Build Smart and Optimized Yachts & Workboats

Yachts owners are, unsurprisingly perhaps, among the most demanding customers in the world. Yachts designers and builders therefore must be able to affordably and safely incorporate advanced integrated technologies into a pleasure craft that must be customizable and still buildable in a reasonable time and budget. Workboats, on the other hand, are faced with the challenge of having to incorporate more and more technology into ever decreasing spaces, all on a very tight budget. The challenge of Workboat builders is to get their vessels from concept through classification and into the market as quickly and inexpensively as possible, and they require an integrated set of tools to realize that dream.

The 3DExperience Business Platform dedicated to the Yachts & Workboats sectors enables to successfully overcome these challenges and to fulfill the needs in order to bring to the final customer a unique travelling experience meeting his expectations and even going beyond.

Our biggest challenge is to combine utility and good looks - every customer wants to have the best boat. (…) One of the reasons we opted for CATIA was for its ability to automatically update an entire design when modifications are made. This makes a huge difference in terms of design time. It helps us innovate as it’s easier to show what we have in mind and to transfer this to a 3D model. The development process ends up being more inspiring, creative and fun.

Daniel Sundkvist Managing Director, Korsö Båt