How can you ensure that the oil and gas extracted will be safely and efficiently brought? Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE solutions dedicated to the Marine & Offshore Industry enable you to take up this challenge

Build Smart and Safe Offshore Platform & Vessels

Modern offshore vessels are aiding in the processing and refining of raw energy materials by pre-processing them in place before they are stored for transport. Of course, political, public relations and economic concerns further dictate the requirement for the integrity and environmental neutrality of oil and gas transport. As such, designers and builders of these complex offshore vessels will need to design against challenges that were never part of “standard” design protocols. The design and technology challenges faced by designers and builders of these complex floating and sailing systems are immense and demand tools that can address all of these challenges without gaps or delays.

The 3DExperience Platform dedicated to the Offshore sector enables to successfully overcome these challenges and to fulfill the needs of offshore platform owners and even going beyond.