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New Business Models

Invent new business models, develop new services, and create greater value to improve resilience.

From “Engineer to Order” to “Assemble to order”

Using a platform-based modular product family approach, the NAVAIS project aims at increasing design efficiency and production flexibility.


Create, capture and deliver more value

Across the industry, there is a need to rethink outdated business models and proactively invent new ones that are economically sustainable.

Marine & Offshore companies need to meet the challenges of diversification by offering a portfolio of higher value assets as well as maintenance and value-added digital services that satisfy the latest market demands and leverage emerging opportunities to generate revenue and offset volatile economics.


Drive change with agility:


Ensure business sustainability

By capitalizing on previous programs and reusing proven assets, shipyards can achieve significant savings. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform supports the adoption of a product line development strategy and a modular approach in order to standardize design and manufacturing processes. Developing commonalities between assets enables to efficiently develop new designs in less time with lower engineering costs. 

Companies can leverage the virtual twin to develop after sales services and diversify by providing asset maintenance engineering and execution. 

Suppliers can also evolve their collaboration business models with shipyards by delivering complex systems in the context of the virtual twin.


Entering a new age

Bureau Veritas and Naval Group joined forces to develop a new 3D Classification process based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to reduce design review times of new ships and inherent costs.

3D Classification based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform will help us decrease our cost of engineering and also improve the lead time of our developments.

Olivier de la Bourdonnaye
Executive Vice President Programs, Naval Group

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