To deliver perfect customer experiences, high-tech innovators need to engage diverse stakeholders and converge on the best ideas to propagate. This approach, called upstream thinking, involves three steps that separate it from how designs are created traditionally:

Fuel open innovation

The ideation and design phases ideally involve a cross-functional team, including designers, engineers, sales people and more. A variety of digital technologies, including the use of secure communities and social listening, can help reveal new ideas and knowledge otherwise left untapped.

Be customer-centric

The ability to effectively engage customers throughout all design stages can make the difference. Thanks to social ideation and the power of modeling, meaningful feedback can be gathered any time and in context, even for the most complex and varied electronics experiences. Discover, in 2 minutes, how to leverage open innovation, social ideation and creative design on an integrated platform.

Leverage virtual validation Designers can anticipate what most users can’t even imagine. This is true for customers and their own value chain, and for great ideas to actually become great products, the original design intent needs to be properly communicated and respected across every phase of product creation and introduction. Discover how the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform supports all design processes with best-of-breed apps and seamless collaboration on a common architecture:

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