Netherlands Brand: SIMULIA
Industry: Construction, Cities & Territories

Zonneveld ingenieurs partnered with Dassault Systèmes’ brand, SIMULIA,and 4RealSim to design safer, more structurally sound buildings in earthquake prone areas.

The Challenge

Due to poor soil conditions and the rise of oil and gas extraction--related earthquakes in the Netherlands region, construction engineering firm Zonneveld ingenieurs needed a way to make buildings both earthquake-resistant and cost-effective to build.

Dassault Systèmes Response

By using Abaqus FEA from Dassault Systèmes’ brand, SIMULIA to simulate ground movement during earthquakes, Zonneveld was able to design a novel solution that prevents structural damage during these events, while also making the building more sound proof.


Using SIMULIA software, this small, specialty-engineering firm has become more efficient, flexible, and better able to serve its customers, no matter how big the challenge.