Universal Shipbuilding Corporation

Japan Brand: CATIA
Industry: Marine & Offshore

Japan’s Universal Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) manufactures a wide range of ships from merchant ships such as 300,000 ton oil tankers, as well as bulk, ore, and liquified natural gas (LNG) carriers. USC is building the replacement of “Shirase”, the Japanese icebreaker used in the Antarctic. It also produces ships for the navy and government agencies.

The Challenge

USC needed to improve the transfer of shipbuilding know-how from its experienced employees to a new generation of young employees. Read more.

Dassault Systèmes Response

USC adopted CATIA for all of its outfitting design activities and began implementing a companywide 3D design environment


CATIA enabled USC to cut training time of young recruits, as well as reduce the workload at construction sites and improve collaboration with production sites