Shanghai MicroPort Orthopedics

China Brand: SIMULIA
Industry: Life Sciences

MicroPort Uses the Abaqus Knee Simulator for Realistic Evaluation of Implants

The Challenge

Shanghai MicroPort Orthopedics wanted to expand into new orthopedic products. They were looking for a cost-effective, accurate means to compare the performance of fixed-bearing and mobile-bearing designs for total knee replacement(TKR) implants.

Dassault Systèmes Response

The SIMULIA Abaqus Knee Simulator (AKS) from Dassault Systèmes provided tools to semi-automatically model and simulate both TKRs in dynamic analyses.


The AKS Offered valuable insights into the merits of each implant type. This saved considerable time and costs by reducing the need for physical prototyping and mechanical testing. Use of the AKS may also shorten clinical trial times for MicroPort products in the future.

Company Profile

MicroPort is the leading developer of medical devices in China, making the world a better place one patient at a time. In fact, for every 30 seconds that pass, on average, one patient somewhere in the world has life saving, or quality of life improving medical intervention, using MicroPort products.