United States Brand: DELMIA
Industry: Aerospace & Defense

NASA’s Kennedy Space Center manages and operates America’s astronaut launch facilities, including the ground operations needed to prepare for each program. Engineering teams working on projects such as the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station, or the Launch Services program are responsible for designing components and making them become a reality.

The Challenge

NASA’s Kennedy Space Center needs to be able to simulate ground operations before they occur in order to ensure that projects are not only feasible, but carried out safely, efficiently and cost effectively.

Dassault Systèmes Response

With DELMIA, KSC’s Design Visualization Group has built 3D virtual models for 20 different facilities at KSC and for ground support equipment, including transporters and fixtures for rotating and assembling parts.


3D virtual models in DELMIA allow engineers working on highdollar, one-of-a-kind systems to: understand how equipment and operators will work together; evaluate both predictable and improbable processes; and communicate through the global language of lifelike simulations.