Fuji Xerox

Japan Brand: SIMULIA
Industry: High-Tech, Industrial Equipment

Fuji Xerox uses electromagnetic simulation with CST Studio Suite for EMC-compliant printer design.

The Challenge

Modern multi-function printers include many electronic components - often modular to ensure commonality - and these can interfere with each other causing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues. In addition, electrostatic discharge (ESD) can affect the performance of individual components. Where EMC issues arise during testing, it is not always clear what the cause is.

Dassault Systèmes Response

In order to better understand the mechanisms behind these and to find effective mitigation techniques, Fuji Xerox decided to use electromagnetic simulation with CST Studio Suite. The variation in scale between the UI PCB and the frame of the printer meant that simulating them both together was a challenging task. Thanks to the high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities of CST Studio Suite, the entire model could be simulated within a workday.


By allowing some measurements to be replaced by simulation, CST Studio Suite reduced the number of physical prototypes needed, shortening the design process. With simulation, Fuji Xerox engineers were able to predict EMC problems before constructing the prototype and identify the mechanism behind any that did arise, making them easier to mitigate.