Bird Technologies

United States : Solution
Industry: High-Tech

Bird Technologies adopted Dassault Systèmes’ EXALEAD OnePart application to speed the search process for similar parts and to reduce the number of duplicate parts in its database.

The Challenge

U.S.-based Bird Technologies, a leading radio frequency products and services provider, needed to increase part reuse to accelerate delivery of its products to market.

Dassault Systèmes Response

To improve part reuse, Bird chose EXALEAD’s OnePart search application for its mechanical engineering activities. OnePart utilizes indexing technology, which makes the search process faster. Engineers also use OnePart not only for 3D CAD documents, but for all other design documents such as data sheets, test data, manufacturing instructions, test procedures and drawings.


With OnePart, engineers are able to rapidly find similar parts for reuse instead of spending time redesigning new ones. As a result, the company has reduced the number of duplicate parts on its server by 75% and accelerated product development.