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NAOS Ship and Boat Design
Transforming ship design

  • Challenge

    Provide ship owners with high-quality designs for safe, high-performing, enery-efficient vessels. Provide shipyards with accurate manufacturing instructions to streamline the build process and mitigate late-stage issues that can jeopardize budgets and schedules.

  • Solution

    Designed For Sea and Optimized Production For Sea industry solution experiences based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform for ship design, analysis, and manufacturing planning.

  • Results

    NAOS engaged in real-time collaboration, helping to streamline the development process from design to manufacturing planning. NAOS expects to reduce design time by up to 40%.

NAOS: the right ship design partner

Whether for commerce or pleasure, today’s ships are bigger and more sophisticated. Shipbuilders seek design partners that can deliver the highest quality designs in order to improve productivity at the build level and reduce production costs. As a provider of vessel designs to a number of shipyards, NAOS Ship and Boat Design knew that to create high-quality designs, it would have to streamline its design process and approach it in an integrated manner.

Innovation is one of our biggest values. We need to be on the leading edge of technology. We decided to take advantage of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to bring shipbuilding design into the 21st century.

Franck Cammas

Roberto Prever – President, NAOS Ship and Boat Design

Designed For Sea boosts end-to-end development

NAOS’ end-to-end development has been given a boost with Designed For Sea as project stakeholders can access and work on the same 3D model, in real time. “We can rapidly create a single Structure Functional Design master model,” Miha Hribar, naval architect at NAOS explained. “All the other disciplines responsible for piping, safety or structural stability, for example, can access and work on this model to do their part,” he added. The 3D master model is also the foundation for all downstream analyses and simulations to help optimize a vessel’s weight for more fuel efficiency.

Working together

“In order to provide the yards with innovative, qualitative, and energy-efficient designs on the one hand and clear manufacturing documentation on the other hand, we need to be on the leading edge of technology. We have four sites, one in Italy, one in Spain, one in Croatia and one in Sweden. In each site there are employees with specific expertise. With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, our four sites can work together as if everyone was physically in the same office, which is more productive,” Roberto Prever, president of NAOS Ship and Boat Design said.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables NAOS customers to experience the ship design at a very early stage and helps ensure all their requirements are correctly met. “The customer is happy to walk through the digital model and see what the ship will look like. They have the impression that they’re really inside,” Prever said. “We can rapidly explore several design scenarios to evaluate different options and discuss them with the customer before choosing the best one. He can also ask for modifications in the early development stages when changes have the least impact on costs and schedules,” added Luigi Abati, designer at NAOS.

Focus on NAOS Ship and Boat Design

Leading Italian marine vehicles design company.

Services: Feasibility studies, consultancy, complete basic design including specifications, weight, hydrodynamic, safety and stability evaluations, structural calculations, classification drawings, workshop drawings
Employees: 30
Headquarter: Trieste, Italy

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