ENOVIA Product Portfolio

The ENOVIA products portfolio is organized by user-roles, logical product groupings based on business processes that they address. All products across these segments are built with the same technology and can be deployed together as part of a single ENOVIA system or separately, to address specific business needs.

ENOVIA V6 Portfolio


ENOVIA V6 enables PLM 2.0, the online collaborative environment that involves creators, collaborators and consumers in the product lifecycle. Delivering benefits today that prepare customers for tomorrow, ENOVIA V6 provides global collaborative innovation, online creation and collaboration, a single PLM platform for IP management, a life-like experience,ready-to-use PLM business processes, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

The products are organized into five business process-based domains in order to best target specific areas to address — Governance users, Engineers / Designers, Supply Chain users, Reviewers and IT / Administrators.

Boiler design involves a huge number of drawings - potentially hundreds of thousands each month. With the deployment of ENOVIA V6, our CAD designers will be able to collaborate online and in real time with the company’s other key functions, including engineering and manufacturing, as well as our key suppliers.

Hu Xiukui Deputy General Manager, Dong Fang Boiler Group (DBC)