ENOVIA Product Portfolio

The ENOVIA products portfolio is organized by user-roles, logical product groupings based on business processes that they address. All products across these segments are built with the same technology and can be deployed together as part of a single ENOVIA system or separately, to address specific business needs. Check out the latest release highlights.

ENOVIA - the collaborative innovation application

ENOVIA offers a rich portfolio of collaborative enterprise business process applications, which run on the same web-based infrastructure. Applications are organized into five user-role based segments in order to best target specific business needs — Governance user, Engineer / Designer, Supply Chain user, Reviewer and IT / Administrator. Applications include ENOVIA Accelerators which provide pre-packaged business processes by industry, enabling rapid implementation and increased ROI.

Governance users

Learn about products aimed at product managers, program directors, project managers, compliance managers and other participants in governance processes. If you have overall responsibility for enterprise-wide critical PLM business processes, this section is for you.

Engineers / Designers

Products for designers, product engineers, manufacturing professionals and other innovators collaborating on product development. If you are responsible for rapid authoring, analysis and validation of products and processes, then click here to find how ENOVIA can help.

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Supply Chain users

Find out about ENOVIA products for buyers, buyer agents, supplier relationship managers and supplier representatives. If you are responsible for supplier management, supplier quality, procurement and sourcing and sampling - you're in the right place.


ENOVIA products for users to search and review data, to participate in approval processes and to collaborate with other users.

IT / Administrators

Discover products designed for those responsible for administering the ENOVIA server and refining its business rules and data to meet specific company processes.