We have gathered in this section all the collaterals on ENOVIA V5 DMU offers, customers and white papers. Check it out often as it is regularly updated!


Download our brochure ENOVIA V5 DMU Validate & Optimize the Digital Product.

Download our brochure about ENOVIA V5 DMU for Visualization & 3D Master support.

Download our brochure about ENOVIA V5 DMU for Design Review.

Download our brochure about ENOVIA V5 DMU for Advanced Product Simulation.

Download our brochure about ENOVIA V5 DMU for Realistic Appearance Simulation.

Customer Stories

Learn how Läpple was able to provide a common product view to all the stakeholders.

Learn how P&WC has eliminated the need for physical mock-up for interference analysis and maintenance simulation purposes.

Learn how Bertrandt was able to reduce the number of errors upfront by using V5 DMU.

Learn how V5 DMU help Sangiacomo to understand and improve their products.

Learn how Toyota Motors Sport was able to reduce the time to manufacture Formula 1 cars with V5 DMU.

Learn how Triumph Composite Systems was able to increase engineering productivity with DS PLM.

White Papers

Download our white paper "Itinerate more, Innovate faster".  

Download our white paper "PLM and 64-Bit: the power to do more". 

Download our white paper "64-bit CATIA V5 on Intel XEON and XP Pro x64".   

Download our white paper "Speed product development with integrated digital mock-up solutions".