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Semiconductor IP Classifier ()

Semiconductor IP Classifier

Semiconductor IP Classifier enables users to organize a company's globally dispersed intellectual property (IP) in a catalog, facilitating search and compare and enabling efficient design reuse. The IP catalog can be tailored to the company's product and business environment, presenting different classified views depending on the user’s access rights.

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Time-to-market in the semiconductor market has become the critical factor in generating profit early in a product’s lifecycle. Product complexity and the breadth of products have outpaced the productivity gains needed for companies to maintain a competitive advantage. Tools that increase the rate of development for product content are essential for improving design and production efficiencies.

Reuse of product content has shown a 70% savings in product design time. The infrastructure for cataloging, finding, and managing reusable data is a key element to realizing these savings. Since an inefficient reuse system can diminish the actual savings, a system that fits the company’s business and data needs will inevitably enjoy better adoption rates and is essential for translating this potential savings into bottom line profits.

Semiconductor IP Classifier enables users to access product content libraries tailored for their specific needs and provides simple and efficient search and navigation capabilities. Whether using the hierarchical tree-browser or the powerful parametric search capabilities, it is quick and easy for users to search library repositories thoroughly to find the best available match for their criteria. This in turn maximizes the reuse achieved and the savings returned on the investment in the company’s IP.  

Semiconductor IP Classifier also provides an interface to semiconductor data managed by designers with Software and System-on-a-Chip Designer. Design data can be moved directly to the IP reuse catalog or can be linked directly into the catalog by references, allowing the original to remain in the work-in-process server.

Key features & benefits

  • Enable more stakeholder’s to leverage your IP through classifications that match their unique needs

  • Classify existing product content from other products or create new product documents with robust document management capabilities

  • Improve efficiency by searching libraries based on all parameters associated with its classes with automatic unit of measure conversions

  • Improve effectiveness of content before it is introduced to the rest of the enterprise through peer reviews

  • Improve information flow and reaction time through subscriptions to library updates and additions staying informed of critical product content changes

  • Leverage semiconductor industry standard taxonomy and attributes as defined by VSIA.