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Engineering Workspace

Engineering Workspace allows designers to pursue complex design activities in an isolated environment while controlling when changes are propagated between team members and domains.

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It is sometimes necessary for designers to modify and iterate on design content without impacting the current “master” definition of the design, and without being impacted by on-going modifications from other design teams. Engineering Workspace addresses this need by enabling designers to work freely in an isolated virtual environment and only deliver changes to the master enterprise design definition when the work is complete.

Engineering Workspace mainly serves teams working on complex assemblies, which may need multiple design iterations before reaching the desired result and without affecting the progress of the rest of the organization. Engineering Workspace content is isolated from the reference content and therefore modifications can be made without impact. Conversely, modifications can be made on reference content without any impact to engineering workspace content.

With Engineering Workspace, each designer decides when to take into account modifications performed by others and decides when to deliver his or her modifications. Full collaboration on a single product reference is maintained across the different design teams in the company, as they proceed with their work.

Key features & benefits

  • Allows designers to pursue complex design activities while controlling when changes are propagated between team members and domains

  • Provides the designer with a superior user experience integrated inside the designer environment while still providing the appropriate centralized visibility of the data to the enterprise

  • Simplified representation of content flow between the design reference and two designer workspaces