The Robot Whisperers

Who are The Robot Whisperers?

The Robot Whisperers are just two ordinary guys with an extraordinary passion for robotics…and for using the world’s most advanced 3D robot simulation and programming solutions. Watch them in an e-Series called, “The Robot Whisperers,” where they show you how to make your robots a production man’s best friend.

Watch Season 1

Episode 1: Robots in 3D

In episode one, the Robot Whisperers talk about the challenges companies have laying out production workcells in 2D, and demonstrate how 3D simulation can be the difference between success and failure.

Episode 2: Robotology for Arc Welding

A fan favorite, Mike and Tony revisit this episode on how to apply 3D simulation technology for Arc Welding applications and share their secrets for healthy, happy robots.

Episode 3: Robotology for Spot Welding

In this episode, you will see how companies use 3D simulation technology for Spot Welding applications to help them reduce time, reduce cost and improve welding accuracy.

Episode 4: Advanced Robotology

Get ready for the final episode of season one as Mike and Tony revisit the past, talk about the present and give you a glimpse of the future in 3D robotic technology.  

Watch the Latest Episodes

Episode 1: The Renaissance of Technology

Mike and Tony are back to discuss their questions about the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. Everything from “what it is” to applying it to real-world problems and more along the way. Don’t miss the start to this season!

Episode 2: The Tale of Two Companies

At the end of every good story is a lesson. This one is about efficient Arc Welding and how it can increase your manufacturing agility to gain a competitive advantage. Snuggle up to listen to this tale as told by Mike and Tony.