CATIA V5-6R2014 drives higher Design excellence

With this release, the benefits of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform capabilities become accessible in seamless collaboration with V5-6R2014. The social collaboration, enterprise management  and dashboarding capabilities of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform can be used to support processes using the V5-6R2014 toolset.

At a glance

Dassault Systèmes continues to support the industry’s best multi-version compatibility, allowing V5-6  and V6 architecture based users to share and edit parts at the feature level. V5-6R2014 extends the scope of this capability to ensure compatibility with CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE R2014x.

Two new CATIA products are available with this release:

CATIA Mechanical Surface Refinement 2 and CATIA ICEM Surf to CATIA Interface 2. Both these capabilities are targeted to streamline the interaction and collaboration for advanced surface design productivity.

Many enhancements have been delivered for existing V5-6 products with new functionality in a number of the extensive advanced surfacing  capabilities and in areas such as Sheetmetal and Composite structure design, 3DMaster and Drafting, and improved performance.

CATIA 3D Master and Drafting Solutions

Geometrical Tolerance Symbols Customization

In CATIA V5-6R2014, an administrator can define and customize which symbols are available to users in each field of geometrical tolerances. This enables the enforcement of a number of standards, such as ISO 1101:2012, ISO 5459:2011, and ASME Y14.5-2009.

Support of ASME Y14.5-2009

New semantic attributes and symbols are made available to support ASME Y14.5-2009.V5-6R2014 also introduces improved user experiences with enhanced capabilities for the placement of annotations and the movement of existing geometry using the “Smartpick Assistant”.

CATIA Sheetmetal Solutions

CATIA V5-6R2014 delivers a number of usability and productivity enhancements such as thick profiles for cut-outs, user defined unfolded curve types, and offsets from a reference face.  The new “pattern of body” function allows sheet metal pattern features to be applied to the current solid.

CATIA V5-6R2014 delivers new capabilities for the creation of complex joggle features on hydroformed parts. Users can now create the same joggle on a surfacic flange and its support (the web or another surfacic flange).  A surfacic flange can be created on another surfacic flange which contains joggles and a joggle can be created on a surfacic web.

CATIA 3D Modeling Solutions

CATIA Mechanical Surface Refinement (SRF) is a new product that provides an intermediate set of capabilities between Generative Shape Design (GSD) and CATIA ICEM and is targeted at GSD or Mechanical Surfacing engineers wishing to create higher quality surfaces with Class A surfacing attributes within an associative or feature-based modeling process.

CATIA ICEM surf to CATIA Interface (ICC) is a new product that supports data exchange between ICEM Surf and CATIA within commonly used CATIA-based engineering solutions.

CATIA Composites Solutions

CATIA Composites Engineering V5-6R2014 introduces multiple new highlights, increasing productivity and usability.  Ramp supports now benefit from a new multi-parallel option and new “centered on the reference element” option.  Solid slicing now provides exempt computation of contours by intersection. Contour creation delivers improved visual feedback, and when generating plies, this release introduces the ability to drop-off patterns to plies with the same shape.

CATIA Tooling Solutions

CATIA Tooling Solutions in V5-6R2014 offers enhancements to the Realistic Shape Optimizer:

  • A new function is introduced to optimize management of morphing for symmetric parts.
  • A new smoothing option provides the user with more control through alternatives for surface quality or deviation tolerances.
  • For constraint propagation, the Attenuation option enables better management of morphing when the deviation vector is partially available.

Energy, Process & Utilities

Structure Detail Design and Structure Function Design deliver a number of important enhancements:

  • Advance Copy improves productivity by copying and reusing existing parts of the design, with new capabilities for symmetry and translation.
  • The GVS Editor provides simple ways to modify GVS files, and GVS changes in drafting can be quickly previewed.
  • Stiffeners can now be extended beyond their support and scallop enhancements now support advance plate and sketch limit. Drafting customization is also provided.
  • Early weld information is captured and stored within the Manage Weld command.

We've been able to take 80 years of airplane development knowledge and build that into CATIA V5 design tables that the engineers can use again and again.

Jim Strawn, Engineering Specialist, Cessna Aircraft Company