CATIA PLM Express offers a simple way to understand and implement PLM within your organization. Make it your choice to improve top-line revenue growth and bottom-line performance.


CATIA PLM Express as its core provides CATIA Team PLM. By incorporating the latest design technologies, it enables quick and easy product creation and a personalized solution to meet your needs precisely and rapidly. With CATIA Team PLM only, you already have access to:

  • Ultra fast knowledge-based modeling with unique knowledge capture and reuse, enabling fast design change, a comprehensive 3D associative drawing production set and the powerful CATIA modeler.
  • Ready-to-go-team collaboration, which allows native access of virtual product data management in a secure and pre-customized environment for perfect team work.
  • Scalable platform, which gives you access to more CATIA PLM Express applications tailored to your business and a complementary partner’s portfolio of highly specialized products. Do not forget the free 3D XML format generation plus the whole set of interface products that comprise IGES, STEP, etc.
Mr Zanon, ,Founder of Zanon Macchine Agricole

With CATIA PLM Express, we are taking our first steps with PLM. This solution brings us all of the functionality and benefits of CATIA, perfectly adapted to our specific business needs and the company's organization.

Mr Zanon,
Founder of Zanon Macchine Agricole

CATIA PLM Express Delivers the Right Tools for:


In today’s global market, companies must be equipped with the latest technologies and tools to achieve a leading position. These solutions enable you to differentiate yourself from the competition.


Collaboration enables people to work together at all levels of product development, which accelerates design time and reduces costs. CATIA PLM Express makes collaboration easy and secure.


Customers are counting on you to deliver as promised. By reusing knowledge from previous successful designs, you can develop your product faster than ever, without risking quality. Then, your product will be ready for quick delivery.


Innovation is crucial to creating new markets, differentiating markets, extending product range, increasing product quality and improving manufacturing processes. With CATIA PLM Express, innovation comes naturally.


Once you have reduced product development time, increased productivity, and reduced costs, the value of CATIA PLM Express becomes clear, paying off with a rapid return on investment.


Companies need to evolve to avoid a stagnant market position. You know your business has taken a leading position when you have saved time, reduced costs, delivered your products to market quickly, and celebrated with your smiling customers.