CATIA for Yacht Solution

Built on an open architecture, CATIA for Yacht enables seamless flow of information across all actors in the yacht building value chain and integrates all elements of the process from initial to detailed design, while manufacturing within a unique collaborative platform.


CATIA for Yacht key highlights

  • For naval architects
  • For small yacht shipyards
  • Or for large yacht shipyards

You are a naval architect

  • Integrate the naval architecture process from Microsoft Excel, hull form modeling, hydrostatics and stability
  • Integrate Preliminary Structure Design and FEA calculations for composite or metallic projects
  • Rapid product conceptualization by re-using design principles and knowledge from other projects
  • Easy modification and flexibility: associate the objects and geometry to easily perform design modifications, working within a flexible infrastructure
  • Enlarge scope of creativity: propose various designs and innovative concepts
  • Easily share 3D projects within a collaborative environment
Arthur Barbeito, Company Founder and President, ,Arthur M. Barbeito & Associates, Inc.

We were wasting a lot of time going to one application for conceptual surface design, then another for the steel detailing, and another for the piping and equipment. […] With CATIA, we have all of our essential functionality in one system.

Arthur Barbeito, Company Founder and President,
Arthur M. Barbeito & Associates, Inc.

A small yacht shipyard

  • Eliminate physical prototyping with a complete 3D product definition
  • Capture and re-use design components and know-how for standardization
  • Reduce product development cycle through detailed automation for joinery
  • Optimize assembly operations and automatically generate workshop documents
  • Provide reliable manufacturing documents and automatically generate the bill of materials
  • Create associative and integrated CNC milling/cutting instructions
Matej Meglic, ,R&D Project Manager, Elan Marine

The first pilot project was accomplished faster using CATIA V5 and accuracy was improved by 20%. Thanks to CATIA V5, we have reduced development time by 20 – 25%, allowing us to roll out three projects per year - two sailing yachts and one power boat […] Our efficiency has increased and we have reduced errors by 60%.

Matej Meglic,
R&D Project Manager, Elan Marine

Or a large yacht shipyard

  • Design and analyze multi-disciplinary 3D data – hull structure, equipments, fluid and electrical systems – within a single digital mockup to ensure the yacht is built fast and right
  • Anticipate and drive the production using complete and reliable engineering data extracted from the digital mock-up
  • Provide reliable manufacturing documents and automatically generate the bill of materials
Mr Boerakker, ,Managing Director, Heesen Yachts

A 3D integrated model allows us to have more information faster and at an earlier stage than before. This makes it possible to circumvent errors prior to production. We now have more insight into the product earlier than before and this inspires creativity.

Mr Boerakker,
Managing Director, Heesen Yachts