CATIA for Yacht


CATIA for Yacht helps naval architects, small and large yacht shipyards transform and streamline the way they design and manufacture anything from 5m pleasure boats to 100m mega yachts.

Fulfill your clients’ dreams with the ultimate 3D solution from concept to real boats.

When the Small Boat market is facing hard competition on price and renewal, the strong demand on Superyacht market requires improvement on delivery time with high quality standards. This change is influencing the entire industry from designers and architects to shipyards and suppliers.

Facing tough, global competition on price and style, yacht builders must be able to deliver more innovative products in a shorter amount of time. Boat design and construction is complex at best, however, and manufacturers must quickly react to customer demand, while keeping costs low.  The ability to simultaneously balance aesthetically pleasing style with a wide range of on-board features, and top performance is essential to setting an offering apart from the competition.

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