CATIA for Yacht benefits

CATIA for Yacht reduces cycle times up to four-fold on some parts of the process.

Getting started with CATIA for Yacht will quickly get you on the road to higher innovation and productivity.


CATIA for Yacht enables organizations to:

  • Benefit from an integrated product development platform that facilitates concurrent work and collaboration among heterogeneous product development stakeholders.
  • Design and analyze multi-disciplinary 3D data – from structure to fluid system – within a single digital mock-up to ensure the yacht is built right the first time.
  • Perform the majority of design work as early as possible – ideally before bidding on a project – to ensure the yacht can be built profitably and within budget.
  • Provide all stakeholders, including customers, insight into product design and behavior throughout the development process, ensuring that the yacht is built according to agreed specifications and quality level.
  • Maximize re-use of design elements, knowledge and best practices from one project to another to increase productivity and quality and reduce product development cycle.
  • Manage the complexity and interdependent work of multiple consultants, subcontractors and the shipyard’s own workers.
  • Deliver innovative products faster than the competition.