CATIA for Mold & Die Solution

CATIA for Mold & Die addresses all the disciplines in the tooling industry. Based on a generative approach that leverages knowledge and multi-discipline collaboration, CATIA for Mold & Die provides all the capabilities required by mold and die makers to optimize their complete process from design to engineering and manufacturing.

Robust and scalable

A dedicated Solution:

  • Family of high-value applications
  • Easy to use and to deploy

Integrated and flexible:

  • Capture and reuse expertise from past Projects
  • Customizable and knowledge-ready

Enabling to work faster together:

  • Full 3D reference throughout the whole process
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Facilitate concurrent engineering

Mold & Die Macro Processes:

Brett Ashba, Vice President,Die Cad Group Inc.

With the increase in accuracy and quality of our designs, we have greatly decreased the time spend to identify undetected design errors. We estimate the reductions in check time, coupled with other savings, have reduced design cycles by 50-70 percent.

Brett Ashba, Vice President
Die Cad Group Inc.