CATIA for Mold & Die Benefits

The CATIA for Mold & Die solution includes technologies, methodologies, and best practices that help companies improve their ability to focus on product and process innovations to compete more effectively in the global marketplace.

CATIA for Mold & Die is a proven solution that:

Facilitates standardization by:

  • Capturing and embedding Engineering design rules in the design definition there by enhancing the sharing and reuse of knowledge
  • Promoting standardization of pre-defined standards and customized components

Improves product quality by:

  • Facilitating automatic design checks driven by knowledge encapsulation
  • Using the same 3D model throughout the complete development process from component design to tool & die design, manufacturing simulation and NC toolpath generation

Decreases costs by:

  • Reducing purchasing, manufacturing, storage and maintenance costs thanks to the standardization of information and processes
  • Shortening response time for request for quote by reusing valuable experience from previous projects
  •  Dramatically reducing design labor thanks to regular and automatic updates of associated tool designs
Jürgen Faller, ,Head of CAD/CAM Production, LÄPPLE AG

The designer, the planner, the NC programmer and the toolmaker all have the same view of the tool and can agree on details with each other easily.

Jürgen Faller,
Head of CAD/CAM Production, LÄPPLE AG