CATIA Machining Solution

As a proven leader in the NC programming market, CATIA Machining is widely used in both large and small companies, providing leading edge machining techniques, including 2.5-axis milling, 3-axis dedicated to molding and tooling, 4- and 5-axis complex machining, as well as lathing.

Your time is precious. Let us help you save time.

CATIA Machining is a set of easy-to-use software applications that allow users to simulate NC machine and tool paths or ISO code in an integrated CAM environment within the CATIA PLM platform.

Programmers can easily switch between tool path definition and validation without losing time on data transfer or preparation. This eliminates interface issues and dramatically reduces overall manufacturing process time.

By allowing for rapid tool-path computing, CATIA Machining optimises the fine-tuning and modification stages by integrating design and machining into a seamless environment. In addition, OS 64-bit support enables ultra-large NC programme management and cuts computation times in half.

CATIA Machining capabilities at a glance:


The CATIA applications for Design and Machining being totally integrated, data conversion phases between standalone software applications do not exist anymore.



Leverage programmers’ expertise by re-using generic machining processes through CATIA to increase automation and reduce NC programming time.



Users intuitively learn about machining solutions using an interface with contextual menus and selection boxes in an environment that adapts to each context and work phase.



Machine simulation ranges from material removal and analysis of remaining material to realistic machine simulation based on ISO code.



Encourage collaboration between teams and disciplines; capture company machining know-how and best practices (catalogue of machining processes, rules, checks, formulas and access tolerances).