CATIA for Automotive Suppliers Benefits

CATIA® for Automotive Suppliers helps suppliers to build and maintain close relationships with OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. Its cutting-edge technologies and process-centric architecture enable them to respond rapidly to customer demands and specifications, while seamlessly managing the supply chain relationship.

A supplier-focused solution to cover the entire process from design to manufacturing

This solution requires low start-up time and cost and helps automotive suppliers to keep and win new business:

  • By bidding more effectively,
  • By developing and delivering innovative products,
  • By enabling better re-use of proven designs and know-how.
Darren Cairns,CAE Director, Integral Powertrain

CATIA V5 offers us much more flexibility and enables our engineers to consider many more options before committing to the final design. This results in a superior product while saving both time and money.

Darren Cairns
CAE Director, Integral Powertrain

CATIA - The Automotive Industry's PLM Standard

  • Complies with customer process requirements
  • Eliminates the need for complicated data conversions
  • Reduces lead times
  • Manages innovation
  • Controls product complexity

Tailored for Automotive Engineering Processes

  • Covers all automotive processes from specifications to manufacturing
  • Suits many domains such as machined parts, composites, electrical, etc.
  • Offers high-performance precision for complex processes
  • Adapts to both simple and advanced processes
  • Makes it possible to add more options as needed in the future
  • Responds precisely to customer specifications

Strengthened Collaboration Throughout

  • Provides easy, secure, and rapid collaboration between partners, suppliers, and OEMs
  • Allows efficient, rapid management and exchange of engineering packages
  • Supplies up-to-date information related to engineering changes and associated cost implications
  • Controls errors and workflow throughout the supply chain

Advanced, Embedded Knowledgeware

  • Enables companies to comply with their standards and rules
  • Captures and reuses knowledge from previous successful designs
  • Transforms the part instantly with minimal work
  • Saves time and reduces costs