CATIA for Aerospace Supply Chain Solutions

To achieve and maintain a leading position, suppliers require process-centric solutions that can easily support OEMs’ business processes. They also require high-precision product creation and facilitated, efficient collaboration to meet customers’ needs with speed and accuracy.

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Base Package

This is the core configuration of CATIA for Aerospace Supply Chain giving customers the CATIA modeller for product design, knowledge capture and re-use in a collaborative environment. It also delivers core collaborative PDM specially dedicated to the Aerospace Supply Chain needs. That provides an efficient environment for work package and process management.

Key options

Machined Part Design

This solution provides a complete and scalable design environment that enables users to develop rapidly high-quality products with the highest productivity in design changes. It promotes knowledge reuse and takes benefit of a functional design approach with process-oriented design specifications including imbedded behaviors. It also promotes transition to 3D thanks to its unique 2D/3D approach for conceptual design.

Machined Part Manufacturing

This solution enables machining of the most complex parts, using 2.5-axis to 5-axis and advanced aerospace multi-axis processes. NC programmers benefit from full associativity with CATIA design parts and powerful machining automation capabilities to drastically reduce NC programming and machining time. It also enables NC machine ISO code-validation at the early stage of the machining process.

Composite Part Design To Manufacturing

This process centric solution enables competitive companies to sustain innovation during early concept and design decisions. It leverages composite process from design to manufacturing to fully support all design configurations for complex composites parts. Thanks to its powerful synchronization capabilities, it enables to coordinate efficiently engineering design and physical manufacturing.


It delivers a process-oriented solution for designing physical wire harnesses driven by logical specification and integrated with harness manufacturing. It also provides automatic and complete flattening of 3D Electrical Harnesses for manufacturing documentation. Thanks to its knowledge management capabilities, it enables to validate design compliance to the company standards and optimize the design process.


It enables to design and manage logical lines of tubing systems using standards and specifications according to industry usage. It also enables the creation of component catalogs with multi-representation, attributes and design rules. Fully integrated, it builds the 3D design directly from 2D diagrams. These intelligent diagrams and 3D design capability enable users to create and validate their designs with respect to company know-how.


This solution creates simply and quickly all the elements of tooling using high-end generic and smart features.  Benefiting from a rich variety of standard and user-defined components, the engineer is able to design faster and focus on added value tasks. Fully integrated in the CATIA environment, the designer is able, for instance, to perform seamlessly extensive stress analysis on his structure elements and beams, create drafting, or generate all information needed for NC programming.


This solution embeds high-end technologies fully integrated in a single environment to take full advantage of collaborative virtual product review, specification and simulation at the early stage of the design process. It also provides an efficient way to organize design review meetings as well as having access to critical product information. It also provides companies with a way to filter sensitive information before sharing 3D designs with partners.