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CATIA 3D Master Community

Model Based Definition (MBD)  is about capturing the entire definition of a product within  3D models. The CATIA MBD Community is an online community of interested professionals and it provides the opportunity to share experiences  and to learn best-practices for deploying MBD. It is a great place to keep up to date with developments in this domain and to learn about future trends.

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CATIA Creative Design Community

Open 365 days a year! Become an active participant in the Design innovation user community, to Share, Connect, Learn and Enrich your social network & ecosystem.

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CATIA Composites Community

The online CATIA Composites Community is for professionals in all industries involved in the design and manufacture of products that utilize composites technology. The community is a discussion forum focused on the sharing of knowledge and best practices for the design and manufacture of composite products today, while leveraging the evolution of composite materials, processes and techniques for tomorrow.

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