Reqtify is an interactive requirement traceability and impact analysis tool that can trace a requirement from system, program, and project levels to all levels of your software or hardware component development lifecycle. Reqtify can interface to requirement-related information in a wide variety of data formats, document types, and file formats. 

Reqtify provides the most effective and easy-to-use solution that captures requirements from any source and maintains traceability and impact analysis across the development of complex products and systems.

Reqtify is non-intrusive as users stay in their familiar tool environment: It gathers information and provides in-house traceability analysis from heterogeneous sources. Reqtify provides metrics and reports to help keep project on track.

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Reqtify can be deployed either as a standalone solution with integration to more than 60 common systems engineering solutions, or as part of a 3DEXPERIENCE Platform solution that supports the import of requirements from other sources in order to  leverage the Traceable Requirements Management process and other platform applications.

The rich Reqtify solution environment enables requirements to be attached directly to product and systems artifacts, both within the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and across more than 60 different systems engineering tools. Powerful filtering capabilities are provided to support the management of different product lines and organize requirements and documents per product configuration.

The unique Reqtify impact analysis and traceability solution captures systems or software engineering artifacts (requirements, design elements, test cases, change requests, etc.) from any source to provide a complete traceability view of your projects. Captured artifacts can also be transferred to any other source without loss of meaning.



  • Capture of requirements at any level

  • Intuitive, quick and easy requirement capture from Word or PDF documents

  • Coverage analysis and traceability

  • Management of requirement changes and lifecycle information

  • Upstream and downstream impact analysis for regression risk management