Mechanical Engineering

Create and Manage Complete Mechanical Projects

CATIA Mechanical Design Enginering provides users with world-class tools to design simple to highly complex products. It expands 3D design to user communities outside of the design office, addressing each profile with the right tools. This covers a wide range of operations such as part design, parts positioning, automated mechanisms design, live kinematics simulation, cast and forged parts, assembly drawing generation, photorealistic images creation, etc.

From chalking out an idea in 3D at the click of a mouse to process-oriented tasks, you can benefit from all the CATIA modeler capabilities including direct 3D conceptual sketching out, geometrical surfaces handling, feature based design and history-free functional modeling. The 3DExperience Platform enables multiple users to work concurrently on the same assembly and to share and trade modifications at the object level, offering a truly concurrent design.

Moreover, the effective management of inter-part relations yields robust relational design and automates the design process. Finally, CATIA Mechanical Engineering provides advanced capabilities for Casting or Forging preparation to improve productivity in the detailed design of the rough part. This insures manufacturability, and provides highly usable advanced functionalities dedicated to the Casting and Forging processes.


  • Unified user interface
  • Direct manipulation design
  • Parallel design
  • Simple platform setup
  • Smart duplication of data
  • Knowledge design automation
  • Autofilleting
  • Interference checking
  • 2D layout for 3D design
  • Real time collaboration
  • Product definition agility
  • Reuse of existing designs: Improved efficiency on everyday tasks
  • Multi-skills design
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