Composites Engineering

From Black Art to Industrial Discipline

From aircraft fairings to train noses, boat hulls and wind blades, composites offer compelling opportunities to meet today's increasingly cost-driven market requirements and environmental concerns. Ultra light, strong, highly resistant and durable, composites are ideal for producing lightweight structures with tremendous performance capabilities. Yet, designing and mass-producing complex production-ready composite parts can be highly complex and expensive. Traditional solutions on the market today address the composites design, analysis and manufacturing processes separately. 

Composites Engineering and Manufacturing  from Dassault Systèmes covers the entire spectrum of composites product development, from design to analysis and manufacturing, on a single virtual platform. The solution is powered by CATIA for virtual product design, SIMULIA for virtual testing and DELMIA for virtual manufacturing. Developed in partnership with industry leaders, the solution is already in use at leading aircraft and helicopter manufacturers and suppliers, Formula 1 teams, yacht designers and builders, as well as wind energy, construction and consumer goods companies. The Composites Engineering and Manufacturing solution can also be complemented by an array of specialized applications and services from an extensive network of our highly qualified technology partners. 


  • Complete process coverage, from composites design to composites analysis and composites manufacturing processes
  • Predict global product behavior
  • Ensure manufacturability by integrating structural, assembly and manufacturing requirements early in the design phase
  • Reduce fabrication cycle time from design to manufacturing preparation and shop floor processing
  • Manage a vast amount of data, specifications and plies. 
  • Ensure efficient communication between disciplines, cross-functional teams and supply chain to prevent costly errors and delays
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  • Composites Designer

    A comprehensive set of process-oriented applications, on a single integrated platform,  to efficiently manage composites design on complex...

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  • Composites Manufacturer

    A powerful set of process oriented applications to industrialize complex composites parts before production

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  • Composites Designer & Manufacturer

    Composites Designer & Manufacturer is an extension to the Mechanical roles, to design and industrialize composites parts - combining Composites...

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  • Composites Braiding Designer

    Accelerate the design of composites parts by simulating the braiding manufacturing process

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  • Composites Engineer

    A complete solution for the design and industrialization of composites parts - combining Composites Designer and Manufacturer roles.

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  • Composites Laser Projection Operator

    The Composites Laser Projection Operator Option provides the ability to generate and edit laser projection files to the shopfloor. 

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