OpenPDM CATIA V5 Connector


Engineering Domain : Infrastructure
Prerequisites : MD1 V5 | PX1 V5
Available since : V5R13

Product Overview

The ENOVIA MatrixOne OpenPDM Adaplet is an implementation of the EM1 Adaplet web services interface that will allow the ENOVIA MatrixOne system to synchronously connect, query, and retrieve information stored in various backend enterprise systems (PLM such as Agile ePLM, TC Engineering, PDM Link (Windchill), and ERP such as SAP, etc). The retrieved information will be used for display and reference in the ENOVIA application environment. This product will also allow synchronous updates to be made in the backend systems through a controlled transaction management procedure to ensure data integrity. This includes locking, checkin/out, versioning and transaction management. The application will be a synchronous connection between EM1 and OpenPDM, and the backend systems connected to OpenPDM. The typical customer configuration will be those customers using ENOVIA applications with one or more backend systems (PLM, ERP). Non V5 Prerequisites include the backend system in use at the customer (TCe, WC, etc?). The customer will also need an OpenPDM Server with appropriate backend connectors, to allow the various systems to integrate.

Customer Benefits

Allows access to data residing in enterprise systems from within ENOVIA user interface.
Real time/synchronous data access (decision support based on live data)
ENOVIA MatrixOne applications can leverage product information managed and controlled by other backend systems. User is free to use specialized existing backend systems.
Implement DS PLM while leveraging IT investments and existing Business Processes