Coastal Logic Communicator for ENOVIA


Engineering Domain : Product Life Cycle Management
Prerequisites : CPF MatrixOne 10
Available since :

Product Overview

convertLogic Lifecycle-based Automated PDF Conversions 

convertLogic automatically converts and stamps files with metadata based on your schema. Conversions are event-driven, so there is no interface on which to train ENOVIA users. Files can be converted and stamped upon ENOVIA triggered events (i.e. checkin, promote, demote, modifyattribute) as well as On-Demand. convertLogic frees your Users to concentrate on other tasks while conversions occur in the background.

  • Enable Regulatory Compliance and document transportability by converting files into secure, metadata stamped PDFs.
  • Converts hundreds of file types, including Office, CAD, & bitmaps.
  • Highly sophisticated stamping - unmatched by any other application.
  • Total Administrative Control 
    • convertLogic is completely controlled by administrator set parameters using our intuitive point-and-click interface. 
    • Admins setup and maintain all aspects of convertLogic including trigger setup and modification, and stamp template layout. Users cannot subvert or otherwise override the settings determined by the Administrator, which helps attain Regulatory compliance.
  • Core ENOVIA Integration  
    • convertLogic interacts with ENOVIA at the core level. This means that superficial interface changes, and changes specific to various Centrals do not affect convertLogic's basic operation. As well, convertLogic is compatible with all Centrals because it does not rely on any of them.

printLogic Batch Printing 

printLogic is a server-based ENOVIA web integration that allows users to batch print documents directly from their ENOVIA databases. printLogic can process hundreds of file types, including Office, CAD, and bitmaps, without viewing software or the native application. 

  • Automatic Metadata Stamping and Watermarking 
    • printLogic can extract virtually any metadata from the ENOVIA database, including images such as company logos, and dynamically apply it to prints. 
  • Print hundreds of file types, including Office, CAD, & bitmaps.
  • Total Administrative Control 
    • The point-and-click admin utility for printLogic, allows administrators control all batch printing and stamping parameters for any number of installed servers. It is robust, yet easy-to-use, and requires no programming.  
  • Seamless Integration with ENOVIA User Interface 
    • printLogic's intuitive, web-based User Interface provides a host of features for batch printing documents from the database, while maintaining the look and feel of ENOVIA. 
  • Core ENOVIA Integration  
    • printLogic interacts with ENOVIA at the core level. This means that superficial interface changes, and changes specific to various Centrals do not affect printLogic's basic operation. As well, printLogic is compatible with all Centrals because it does not rely on any of them.

Customer Benefits

convertLogic and printLogic - Out-Of-The-Box Integrations for ENOVIA

Commercially available since 2002, our ENOVIA Integrations have been battle tested in some of the world's biggest and busiest manufacturing companies. Coupled with Coastal Logic's unparalleled customer service, we strive to make PDF Conversion and Document Printing the most dependable part of your company's infrastructure. 

  • Flexible
    • Virtually all configurable options can be modified with our proprietary Administrative Control Panel - no programming necessary.
    • Automated or On-Demand or both - conversions for the way your business operates.
  • Scalable
    • Get additional servers up and running in minutes, not days.
    • Our ENOVIA core-based architecture allows for unlimited expansion.
  • Supportable
    • All of our products are Out-Of-The-Box so we have standard support and maintenance available.
    • Your installation is not a "custom one-off" service engagement that requires more services and more funding to modify or upgrade.
  • Affordable
    • Our integrations are priced per server - not per user, not per document, not per page.
    • Process as many documents as you need from all of your users without any extra fees.