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Sobios is a software editor for the life sciences industry, especially in pharmaceutical Research and Development.

Sobios develops solutions and services for modeling and in silico simulation, to optimize Research practices and Development of new therapeutic entities.

Sobios is a member of the BioIntelligence Consortium with Dassault Systèmes. The priority areas for the development of the Sobios solutions are Toxicology and Oncology. The software is based on a systems approach.

Software Partnership
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Value proposition

Sobios is a partner of Dassault Systèmes, a global leader in product life cycle management (PLM). PLM solutions and simulation software from DASSAULT SYSTEMES allow users to create, share and experience products in the conceptual frame of Systems Biology. Sobios develops its solutions in the context of PLM V6.

Sobios and Dassault Systèmes partnership will provide their customers with solutions to model and simulate biological processes in Toxicology and Oncology. PLM technology will keep track of those models and simulations in a R&D process lasting for about ten years in the pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, constraints, that are revealed in the late stages  will be considered in the early stages of this R&D process in order to shorten that process.

Partner's Products

Version 6
> Genotoxicity Simulator (GESI)
> Digital Clinic (DICL)
> Toxicity Simulator (TOSI)
> Invasion and Metastasis Predictor (IMPR)
> Cancer Simulator (CASI)
> Immunogenicity Expert (IMNE)
> REACH Expert (RECE)

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