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24, Vavilova str. 119334 MOSCOW RUSSIA

Phone:+495 995 80 17
Web: http://www.nvkvist.ru/


NVK "VIST" is a consulting company on implementation of information systems and technologies. NVK "VIST" has experience of successful complex projects in different branches of industry, as well as in state and commercial research organizations. Today the NVK "VIST" offers the modern, highly efficient and advanced services and solutions in the industry for  intellectual services market.

Service Partnership

Value proposition

NVK "VIST" has a long experience of successful promotion of decisions on the basis of advanced development of Dassault Systemes and acts as Dassault Systemes service partner.
NVK "VIST" works in the market of intellectual services in the industry. NVK "VIST" proposals contain all the best of the practice of implementation of topical and effective solutions in the field of industry modernization with innovative elaborations of Dassault Systemes. NVK "VIST" offers solutions for organization and management of the industrial business, consulting, engineering and information technologies in such industries as Energy, Aerospace, Engineering, Construction, High Technologies and Science.
Our customers may be sure that the solutions, implemented by us will be always backed up by support and powerful potential of  Dassault Systemes and of its service partner NVK "VIST".


Business Development Director
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