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The CADCAM Group was established in 1991 to serve customers in the domain of electro-mechanical product design in the Adriatic territory. CADCAM Group is a recognized solution seller. CADCAM Groups assets consist of a combination of its intellectual capital, software applications, services capabilities, engineering excellence and sales performance for the support of the growth and competitiveness of our customers.

CADCAM Lab in Slovenia, CADCAM Design Center in Croatia, CADCAM Data in Serbia, and CADCAM Solutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina are members of the CADCAM Group with 65 employees who are highly educated PLM experts, working in marketing and sales, solution implementations, education of the customers, services and the support of the best of bread PLM solutions of Dassault Systemes and CADCAM Group in the mechatronic domain (M-CAD and E-CAD applications). All the companies are Dassault Systemes Value Added Resellers (VAR) for DS brands. The companies have been proving excellence in serving and supporting customers to overcome their pains and to support initiatives for staying productive, innovative and competitive.

Value proposition

Designed to be scalable across all Dassault Systemes software, the PLM Partners Program offers a global, flexible framework to support the growth of our partners' businesses while providing key tools (sales, marketing, technical support and communication) to strengthen their PLM skills.