Starter KIT for Certification Centers


Please refer to these documents when you become a new Certification Center or for later references. Scroll down to display the translated version of these documents.

1. Certification Program Presentation

  • Introduces the certification program

2. Guide for Proctors

  • Details the process of delivering exams, generating vouchers, taking the exam for the test-taker, viewing candidates results

3. How to Access and Authenticate Your Certificate

  • For test takers who passed the exam

4. A Guide to DS Accredited Certification Centers

  • Being a Certification Center and Invoicing information

5. 3DEXPERIENCE Installation Guide

  • Installation guide of the required 3DEXPERIENCE Apps, from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform cloud environment on the Certification Centers machines

Certification Exam Delivery Guide

  • Exam delivery including Software configuration and retake policy, proctoring rules

Cloud Certification Exams Request Form (Excel file)

  • To request 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud access

Exams - Transfer Price Categories 

  • List of exams with their respective Transfer Price Category

Remote proctoring documents

1. Remote Proctoring Process Presentation

  • Details the process to put in place one-to-one remote proctoring

2. Remote Proctoring Terms & Conditions

3. How to Start the Test Engine and Take a Test

  • Candidate guide to launch the test engine