Certification Exam Delivery Guide


I. Certification Exam Delivery

Partner shall ensure that Certification Exams are organized and implemented following the requirements, rules and guidelines as described hereafter and that the Proctor is aware of the proctoring rules.


General Conditions

Partner shall ensure that:

·       The testing environment provided is an enclosed, professional, clean, comfortable, smoke-free, distraction-free, secured environment with continuous Test Takers surveillance

·       The check-in/reception is located outside (separate from) the testing room

·       The testing room is adequately lighted and ventilated, along with comfortable seating and work surfaces

·       The Certification Exam takes place in a secure and quiet room that does not allow viewing of the Certification Exam from outside the testing room

·       Noise and distractions are avoided during the Certification Exam

·       The rooms are kept closed once the Certification Exam has started

·       While Certification Exam is in progress, use of equipment such as printers, fax machines, copiers, telephones, or other electronic devices should be avoided in and near the testing room

·       Each Certification Exam is actively proctored with an unobstructed view of each Candidate in the testing room and an unobstructed view of the entire testing room which allows visibility of all Test Takers at any time

·       People must be aware that a Certification Exam is in progress. To do so, Partner can place a sign alerting people to be especially quiet near the testing room. For example, Partner may post a sign that says: "Quiet please! Testing in Progress”


1) Testing Rooms Configuration

Partner shall ensure that:

·       The testing room is located in a low-traffic area, distant from any training or meeting room in use, cafeteria, or any busy corridor or area, to avoid noise, distraction and disturbance

·       A sufficient number of computers is available: one computer per Candidate and if possible some additional computers in case of problems

·       The tables are arranged in such a way that it is not possible for Test Takers to view other Test Takers’ screens. If spacing between Test Takers is not sufficient, partitions should be installed to separate Test Takers

·       The Proctor has an unobstructed view of each Candidate, including Test Takers’ hands, even if partitions are used

·       The Proctor has an unobstructed view of the entire testing room which allows visibility of all Test Takers at any time

·       All Test Takers are continuously monitored simultaneously

·       The testing room used to deliver Certification Exam is locked when the computers have been set up for such Certification Exam


2) Testing Computers Configuration

Partner shall ensure that:

·       Computers used for Certification Exam meet or exceed the minimum hardware and software requirements and policies as defined by Dassault Systèmes (https://www.3ds.com/support/certified-hardware)

·       Appropriate software licenses have been granted for all operating systems, middleware and application software for computers used for Certification Exams

·       An Internet connection is available for each computer to download the Certification Exam

·       All applications allowing screen sharing, exchange, communication, emails, chat, etc. are not allowed on computers used for Certification Exam

·       USB hubs on computers have been inactivated (strongly recommended) except for the mouse and the keyboard

·       Computers are not accessible from the internal network


3) Software Configuration

Partner shall ensure that:

·       Computers have been set up with standard installation or access and default settings for the Dassault Systèmes Offerings used for Certification Exam:


License and Use Rights

Grants: DS grants Partner, from the Effective Date of the DS Offering, a free of charge, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to access and use the DS Offering identified in the request form, for the duration of the Certification Exam and solely for the purpose of providing Certification to Candidates in the Territory, and specifically excluding any production purpose or any other purpose such as consulting or services provision.  Partner may (i) make and install the necessary number of copies of the applicable Licensed Program for which on-premise installation is required, and (ii) make one copy for back-up purposes of each Licensed Program for which on-premise installation is required.


The Licensed Programs may (i) be used only in the country or geographic area identified in the Territory Exhibit of the Education Partner Agreement or the Certification Partner Agreement; (ii) be executed only on, or accessed by, Machines, and (iii) if applicable, be only for the maximum number of Users, Named Users or maximum use authorized through tokens, as described in the request form.


The Online Services may be used only for the maximum number of Named Users, as described in the request form.  This Agreement shall not contain, nor shall be supplemented by, any service level agreement.

·        A pilot test is run to test the Certification Center’s environment before delivering any certification exam



·       It is the responsibility of the Certification Center to ensure that sufficient licenses are available for exam participants at the time of the exam delivery


4) Certification Exam Configuration

Partner is aware that:

·       Certification Exams are delivered online

·       Certification Exams may include hands-on and multiple-choice questions

·       Certification Exam instructions are displayed in the tester window. The Test Taker reads the instructions and performs the requested operations in the Dassault Systèmes application window (e.g. in the CATIA window). Then the test Taker responds to the questions, either by selecting the correct answer among the proposed choices, or by entering a value(s)

·       Certification Exams are automatically scored. At the end of Certification Exam, the Test Taker’s score is displayed on the screen. If successful, an electronic certificate is automatically generated in the Test Taker’s account

·       The Test Taker can download the electronic certificate and associated label by logging into his/her user account


5) Pilot Test

A pilot test must be run internally to make sure the Certification Center’s environment is properly configured. We strongly recommend you to schedule it as soon as possible after you become a certification center. This will give you the opportunity to validate the whole delivery process and get familiar with the exam format.


6) Retake Policy

Partner shall ensure that Test Takers who fail an exam do not retake the exam the same day or any time before a period of 14 days minimum. Each Test Taker can only take a specific DS exam a maximum of three times. If ever a Test Taker needs to take a specific DS exam a 4th time, he must contact certification(at)3ds.com to justify his need.


II. Proctoring

General Rules

Partner shall ensure that:

·       A minimum of one Proctor is available to monitor each testing room and at least one Proctor for every 20-25 Test Takers

·       The Proctor is not the teacher / instructor or any person who was in charge of the Test Takers’ training classes

·       The Proctor is knowledgeable of and complies with the rules defined in this Certification Exam Delivery Guide

·       The Proctor supervises Test Takers throughout the Certification Exam session

·       The Proctor behaves in a professional and caring manner

Missions of the Proctor

The Proctor shall:

·       Welcome Test Takers

·       Verify Test Takers’ identity from a valid identification document (with photo and signature, e.g. driver’s license)

·       Have Test Takers sign the log sheet and check the signature against Test Taker’s identification document

·       Monitor Test Takers and guide them through the steps required to start the Certification Exam

·       Supervise the Certification Exam

·       Not leave Test Takers without monitoring in the testing room

·       Prevent Candidate from taking a break during the Certification Exam



In case of Candidate misconduct (cheating, tampering with the computer, use of mobile phone, etc.), the Proctor shall:

o   Request Candidate to leave the testing room

o   Inform Candidate that:

o   Test Taker’s account will be locked

o   Test Taker’s Certification Exam will be cancelled

o   Candidate will not be authorized to take another Certification Exam for at least one year

o   Report the incident to Dassault Systèmes


1) Before Certification Exam

The Proctor shall:

·       Ensure that the necessary configuration preparations have been completed and tested prior to the exam session

·       Check that the voucher code(s) have been created for the Certification Exam(s)

Important: The voucher code(s) shall never be provided to the Test Takers in advance

·       Check the Test Takers list

·       Ensure the testing room is ready (quiet sign on the door, layout of the tables, computers, seats, light, temperature, cleanliness, noise level…)

·       Ensure that a safe area is available for Test Takers’ belongings, preferably outside the testing room


2) Check-in Procedure

The Proctor shall

·       Greet Test Taker

·       Check Test Taker’s name against identification document (with photo and signature e.g. driver’s license).

·       Not authorize Candidate to seat if Candidate does not provide a valid identification document

·       Remind Test Takers that:

o   Any personal belongings shall be stored in the appropriate area

o   Mobile phones or any other type of device shall not be used during the Certification Exam. Such devices include (not extensive list) cameras, computers, or cell phones

o   Once started, the Certification Exam cannot be stopped nor re-started

o   Voucher code can only be used once

o   No breaks are allowed

o   No talking is allowed during the Exam Session

o   No notes can be removed from the Testing Room

·       Have all Test Takers seat in the testing room once the check-in procedure is finished, and close the door


3) Starting Certification Exam

The Proctor shall

·       Provide Test Takers with the voucher code

Important: The voucher code(s) shall never be provided to the Test Takers in advance

·       Guide Test Takers through the procedure to start Certification Exam:

o   Create their own user account (or log in if they already have an account)

Important: When creating their account, Test Takers should enter their name and information in Roman (international) characters

o   Follow the instructions and enter the voucher code to start the Certification Exam


4) Check-Out Procedure

At the end of Certification Exam, the Proctor shall:

·       Make sure Test Takers take back his/her personal belongings

·       Inform Test Takers that if successful, an electronic certificate will be available online for download in their account

·       Remind Test Takers that they can authenticate their certificate on Certification portal (https://3dexperience.virtualtester.com/#home) by using the QR code and Identifier displayed on it

·       Ensure that they do not remove any notes from the testing room

·       Have Test Takers check-out before leaving

·       Thank Test Takers for taking a Dassault Systèmes Certification Exam


5) After Certification Exam

Partner shall:

·       Make sure all Test Takers have left the testing room and no belongings have been left

·       Make sure all computers are cleaned after each exam session (remove Test Takers’ data from the machines if any)

·       Either shut down or restart computers to clear the system memory before any future Certification Exam



In case a cheating is discovered after the Certification Exam, the Proctor shall:

o   Ensure to collect enough evidence of such cheating

o   Inform Candidate that:

o   Test Taker’s Certification Exam will be cancelled

o   Candidate will not be authorized to take another Certification Exam for at least one year

o   Report the incident to Dassault Systèmes and provide evidence of such cheating


Technical Information and Support

Partner shall be aware that:

·       Technical information and support about the tester (system requirements, troubleshooting, contact email, …) is available at http://www.virtualtester.com/web/support