Supported Hardware


Newest supported driver for Surf 2022 is NVIDIA 528.24

Older versions  513.46, 512.28, 472.47, 462.31, 452.69, 451.67, 385.69, 391.48, 411.95, 419.67, 440.97, 471.68

ICEM Surf is tested on following hardware products and configurations as listed below. ICEM Surf 2022 require at least Windows 10 20H2 or newer to run proper all visualization and rendering. Previous Windows 10 version will run but not support latest rendering options.

For further questions on additional hardware and software products, please contact our ICEM Surf support via Contact Support - Dassault Systèmes® (

Our support will do its best to assist you.

NVIDIA general card settings

(Nvidia control panel – Manage 3D settings needs to be set to : Dassault Systemes –V5 / 3DExperience to allow HMD / VR)

Mobile:                 471.68 (472.47)
Desktop;              471.68 (472.47)

Older versions          462.31, 452.69, 451.67, 385.69, 391.48, 411.95, 419.67, 440.97, 471.68 

AMD general settings (Dassault Systemes settings required)

Mobile:                    Driver package
Desktop:           aka    21.Q3

Available add on HW for stereo and / or VR: 

HP Reverb G2 

  • The HP Reverb G2 is tested and works since ICEM Surf 2021.x. It needs STEAM to be installed.
  • You can use the controllers to rotate the geometry or to move around geometry. 
  • You have a kind of laserpointer with a scaling – you can zoom, turn head, fly through and move inside geometry.
  • Windows Mixed Reality (WMR)  is not needed / tested as ICEM Surf uses it’s own Sphere same as you see it normally on your monitor – This sphere is used for HMD - based on STEAM VR.
  • You just need to install STEAM VR and ICEM Surf activates it as soon as you start HMD in ICEM Surf 2021 or higher.
  • HP Reverb G2 has 2160 x 2160 pixel resolution and 4 integrated tracking cams. No tracking satellites needed. 
  • Very realistic sharp intuitive VR feeling with high resolution. It fits over your glasses if they are not higher than 14.4 mm.

Vive and Occulus 

Both was tested also : 

  • The Vive needs external tracking satellites.
  • The Occulus will need a facebook (meta) account in future.

PluraView 3D stereo display monitors 

  • The PluraView is  tested and allows to experience real 3D Stereo feeling on a (at least two) monitor with high resolution.
  • Specs: 4K/UHD @ 10-Bit – Planar Beamsplitter technology with polarized glasses. 
  • The experience is extremely realistic stereo which which brings geometry to life.

Supported Hardware for ICEM Surf 2022

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