Troubleshooting Machine

The easiest and quickest way to record a video and collect traces of a 3DEXPERIENCE platform scenario

Why using the Troubleshooting Machine for 3DEXPERIENCE ?

Troubleshooting Machine (TSM) is the easiest and quickest way to record a video and collect traces of a 3DEXPERIENCE platform scenario.

We recommend using Troubleshooting Machine while opening a Service Request to Dassault Systèmes support team in order to optimize the performance of the Support services by :

  • Reducing Service Request submission cost
  • Reducing Service Request back and forth
  • Accelerating Service Request resolution time

Please find below a simplified illustration of the process requiring to use the Troubleshooting Machine :

Process of Troubleshooting Machine > Dassault Sustèmes

What are the different Troubleshooting Machine use cases ?

Troubleshooting Machine use cases may varydepending on the type of applications used on top of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform:

  • if you are using web applications, you willuse the TSM client for web apps
  • if you are using native applications, youwill use the TSM client for native apps
Different use case for the Troubleshooting Machine > Dassault Systèmes

    What are the Troubleshooting Machine clients and server components?

    Table of use cases for Troubleshooting machine > Dassault Systèmes

    How to download, install and use the Troubleshooting Machine ?

    • Troubleshooting Machine for web apps (TSM client for web apps)
      • Download link : Troubleshooting for Web Apps
        • Troubleshooting for Web apps Version: 6.426.4 (3DEXPERIENCE R2024x FP.CFA.2424)
        • Publication Date: June 10 2024 – Update frequency : around every 2 months
      • To know more about Troubleshooting for Web apps installation and usage, please refer to QA00000303283
    • Troubleshooting Machine for native apps (TSM client for native apps)
      • Download link : not needed, available within 3DEXPERIENCE platform Native Apps installation through executable called ‘3DEXPERIENCE_TSM.exe’
      • To know more about Troubleshooting Machine for Native apps usage, please refer to QA00000309832
    • Troubleshooting Machine server component (TSM server)
      • Download links : 

        3DEXPERIENCE Platform release and level

        Compatible TSM Server version

        Download links

        R2022x GA and all FPs

        3DEXPERIENCE R2023x FP.CFA.2324



        R2023x GA and all FPs

        R2024x GA

        R2024x FP2405 (FD01) and upper FP

        3DEXPERIENCE R2024x FP.CFA.2405



      • To know more about Troubleshooting Machine server installation, please refer to QA00000303283 & QA00000309832

    What is the Troubleshooting Machine usage policy?

    Please retrieve below the Troubleshooting Machine applications usage policy which is displayed to the user when launching the client application :

    “You are about to launch Troubleshooting Machine tool proposed by DS in the context of the Support Services subscribed by you or by your entity as governed by the Support Policies made available online. Troubleshooting Machine’s purpose is to optimize the performance of the Support Services by providing both the scenario recording and the collect of traces required to analyze a Case of support.
    To this end, Dassault Systèmes recommends using Troubleshooting Machine:
    - only for the purpose of optimizing Support Services while opening a Caseto DS support team.
    - on a test or debug environments as it may lead to impacts on the software execution such as performance, reliability, and amount of generated data.”

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