PowerFLOW System Requirements and Recommendations

See the table below for hardware recommendations for a pre & post-processing workstation for PowerFLOW.

These recommendations are applicable to a workstation used for client tools used for pre & post-processing, not for discretization or simulation. Discretization and simulation hardware will depend on the user and may vary widely.

PowerFLOW Pre/Post-Processing Workstation


Minimum System Requirements



8 GB

64 GB


4 Cores

8 cores for standard user, 16 cores for heavy PowerACOUSTICS/PowerTHERM users. We recommend using recent-generation Intel Xeon processors.

Graphics Card

NVIDIA Maxwell-based GPU or later.
4 GB of Graphics Memory required.
OpenGL 2.0 or later

Example : Quadro M4000 or Quadro M6000 based on budget.


500 GB hard drive

SSD storage for local machines

Operating System

64-bit RHEL 6, 7
64-bit SLES 11, 12
64-bit Windows 7, 10

User preference

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