CST Studio Suite & Opera Recommended Hardware

EM simulations can be classified as high performance computing tasks. This means that computers used for CST applications must meet high requirements in terms of CPU, RAM, and graphical specifications in order to achieve optimal performance. Sufficient power supply and cooling must also be ensured for the workstation or server. We strongly recommend buying a complete package from a brand-name manufacturer, e.g. DELL, HP, or IBM, and that the chosen hardware meets the following requirements.


High end server/ workstation

Notes for recommended



Intel or AMD

Dual 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
(also known as "Cooper Lake“)


Dual 2nd Gen AMD EPYC™ Processors (also known as “Rome“)

We recommend high processor base clock frequency (>3 GHz) and 8-16 cores per CPU
are recommended for general-purpose simulation workstation

Memory (RAM)


64-128 GB per CPU

We recommend fastest RAM memory modules available, currently DDR4 memory type.

Graphics card

100% OpenGL 2.0 (or above) compatible graphics card

NVIDIA Quadro® series card dedicated
to CAD/CAE applications


30GB of free disk space

At least 500GB hard disk drive

We recommend SSDs for better performance.

GPU computing*
( optional )

Supported GPU card

High-end NVIDIA Quadro® or NVIDIA® Tesla® card

Please refer to the
GPU computing guide

MPI computing*
( optional )

Dedicated compute cluster hardware

Fast network interconnects with low latency, e.g. Infiniband or
Intel OmniPath, are strongly recommended.

Please refer to the
MPI computing guide

Distributed computing*
( optional )

For optimal simulation performance, the solver servers should run on separate computers from the frontend and the main controller. A fast network connection
between the solvers servers, the main controller, and the frontend is recommended as simulations may generate a lot of data that needs to be transferred.