How to get CADAM Support

How to get CADAM Support

It is recommended to log a service request through 3DS support channel for technical queries or defect. Alternatively, you may contact RD.Support.CADAM(at) for CADAM general queries.

How to download latest CADAM media?

You can download it from

For more information about downloading media kindly refer to:

How to get old levels of CADAM media and utilities?

Please log a service request first, alternatively you may contact CADAM support team through e-mail: RD.Support.CADAM(at)

How to get ‘CADAM distributed” executable?

In CADAM installation path, please find a zip file: <install_dir>\Tools\CCDDistributedSetup.exe

How to get 32 bit version of CADAM?

From CATIA CADAM V5-6R2020 we are only releasing 64 bit version of CADAM. It is recommended to migrate to 64 bit version of CADAM since 32 bit version is not supported anymore.

Is trial OR home version of CADAM available?

No, we do not have any trial or home version of CADAM.

Where to find CADAM training material?

In CADAM installation path, please find a zip file: <install_dir>\training\

Is Helix or MICRO CADAM still supported?

Support for Helix or MICRO CADAM has been stopped since June 30, 2001. You may consider migrating to CATIA CADAM V5 which is currently supported version.