Dassault Systèmes supplier resources

Supplier Resources

In this section, we provide resources for existing and new Suppliers which include important guidelines and information regarding policies, term and conditions and other requirements applicable to facilitate doing business with Dassault Systèmes.

General Terms & Conditions

General terms & conditionsUnless Supplier has signed a specific contract with Dassault Systèmes, Dassault Systèmes (3DS) General Terms and Conditions for the purchase of Products and/or Services are applicable for any order. These terms are attached to the purchase order and form the basis of your contractual relationship with Dassault Systèmes. 

3DS General Terms & Conditions of Purchase

Policies for Suppliers

Travel Policy for Dassault Systèmes Service Providers

The Travel Policy provides procedures to Service Providers with the necessary information related to reimbursement of travel expenses incurred as part of their assignment. 

Travel Policy

Code of Business Conduct and Corporate Social Responsibility Principles

The Code of Business Conduct and the Corporate Social Responsibility Principles serve as a reference for Dassault Systèmes employees, to guide their behavior and interactions in their daily business activities. They also strive to inspire the Company’s Partners and Suppliers. This Code describes the manner in which the Company expects its business to be conducted.

Find out more about our Code of Business conduct and Corporate Social Responsibility Principles in Ethics and Compliance section.

Code of Business Conduct

This Code describes the manner in which the Company expects its business to be conducted

Corporate Social Responsibility Principles

Dassault Systèmes’ commitment to corporate responsibility is defined in the Principles of Corporate Responsibility, Code of business Conduct and Environmental Policy. Procurement department has detailed its objectives in its 3DS Sustainable Charter with Suppliers, which express mutual commitments and expectations to its Suppliers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to the Supplier policy section to download the current applicable policies. 

It depends on local specificities – minimum required forms are: completed supplier registration form, bank letter or bank statement, company registration document.

Dassault Systèmes policy requires a Purchase Order be secured prior to any goods or service delivery in most cases. Suppliers will receive  the purchase order or the specific system order number from Dassault Systèmes by email. They are requested, without exception, not to accept orders by telephone and not to deliver any material or begin a service before receiving it. Sending an invoice without a valid Purchase Order may result in delays in processes and payment.

Once the order has been fulfilled, soft-copy invoices should be sent electronically via email in PDF format to the correct Accounts Payable email address mentioned in the Purchase Order / email received to confirm Dassault Systèmes commitment.

For a timely processing, Supplier invoices must mention the following information:

  • a unique invoice reference number
  • the purchase order (or specific system order) number
  • the name of Dassault Systèmes legal entity that issues the Purchase Order

Non-compliant invoices would be rejected and result in delays in invoice processing

Dassault Systèmes has standardized payment term subject to local specificities. Payment terms are documented on the purchase order. Standard payment method is Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment.

Once the invoice is matched with Dassault Systèmes Purchase Order and Order receipt, the payment is processed on the available weekly payment run after they fall due (according to payment terms).

Existing suppliers should ensure that data is up to date. Any changes to company information or bank details (address, VAT, email address, etc.) must be communicated with justification documents to your Dassault Systèmes contact point. 

Please inform Dassault Systèmes via our AP email address stated on our Purchase Order if you are victim of tentative of fraud which can affect your company and relationship cc your Key account Manager (if any) and your internal 3DS beneficiary.

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