Part 1: Science in engineering for product innovation

Make accurate predictions, design new substances with predefined properties and create new market opportunities with science in engineering

The impacts of scientific and technology discoveries can make powerful ripples across industries and markets around the world. From the backbone of an experiential platform that empowers operational and business innovation, science lets companies explore and create next generation product designs, therapeutics and materials.

On the platform, 3D MODELING develops most of the complex products we use every day, from original ideation to design to implementation and integrates system-of-systems aspects as part of the Internet of Experiences. SIMULATION and content apps make it possible to accurately simulate real-world behaviors where the Virtual world becomes the Real world’s twin to actively explore all design possibilities before making it real. SOCIAL & COLLABORATIVE applications allow users to work in both structured and non-structured environments with a shared, common view (“one single source of truth”) of planning, compliance and progress, as well as transform engineering data into high-end 3D visualizations for powerful, high-impact storytelling and collaboration. INFORMATION INTELLIGENCE lets businesses gather and enrich the wealth of data, transform heterogeneous big data into actionable information, and monitor and manage all data sources across internal and social web systems for faster, better and profitable decisions.

Engineering uses science to make accurate predictions, design new substances with predefined properties and create new market opportunities. But engineers know that innovation isn’t easy, especially when it is apparent that old siloed approaches to research and development will no longer be adequate.

It’s no simple matter to transform designs into breakthroughs that revolutionize how we live, work and play. It’s often a process of elimination; but product development challenges today are more daunting than ever with:

  • hardware and software combined in ever more sophisticated cyber Systems and internet of experiences
  • shorter design cycles and no margin for error in highly competitive markets
  • demand to personalize products for individual needs while also accelerating development
  • increased customization with smaller lot sizes and shorter product lifetimes
  • little opportunity for product to “catch on” if they're not perfect out of the box

When engineers work on a project to improve and perfect it, they need to learn—Will it last?  Will it leak?  How hot will it get?  How much drag will it generate? So they simulate it their designs to find out, to learn and confirm their thinking.

Discovery with simulation

Simulation is all about discovery and the know-how to make products lighter, perform better, last longer and lead to better designs. Leveraging 500 years of scientific advancement, engineers are creating virtual universes to make discoveries every day through science-based simulation: collaborating to identify innovative, sustainable solutions; to extend and improve the real world; to even validate products that cannot be tested in our world (like how a spacecraft will react in zero gravity or how down-hole equipment for the oil and gas industry performs at temperatures and pressures thousands of feet below ground). Across industries, virtual discovery through simulation is reducing risk and saving companies time, money and energy. It is also making it possible to design and validate customized materials, fully test functional performance and virtually create and assess the experience of the product when being used.

Part 2: Science for better living
Generating knowledge and driving decisions, science contributes immeasurably to health and prosperity and better living in a better world
Part 3: Science in nature to foster a sustainable planet
Science helps organizations reap the benefits of a connected world, while also addressing the demands of sustainability

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