Part 2: Science for better living

Generating knowledge and driving decisions, science contributes immeasurably to health and prosperity and better living in a better world

Science is top of mind today because it helps us generate knowledge and drive informed decisions in our continuing quest for health, prosperity and better living in a better world—today as well as for future generations. Multi-physics, multi-scale modeling and simulation is sparking end-to-end collaborative innovation, improving confidence in decision making and contributing to health and prosperity in a better world. 

Modelling the biosphere

A scientific collaborative environment is at the heart of any process for modelling the biosphere to improve life. This environment must encompass advanced biological, chemical and materials experiences that support multiple science-based industries. We draw across multiple branches of science—mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, geology—collaborating to discover the most innovative, sustainable solutions. 

We think of pharma, biotech, aerospace, consumer packaged goods, energy and materials, high tech, industrial equipment and transportation as industries playing a part in the development and delivery of new life experiences. When they can model the biosphere accurately, they can reduce development uncertainty, improve productivity and achieve their goals to improve lives.

Collaborative innovation is pushing the boundaries in science and between industries. New techniques and solutions in one area can depend on discovery and knowledge in another—for example, accurate materials predictions can increase innovation in designing new substances with predefined properties, advancements in brain imaging can result from progress in chemistry and physics; analyzing the vast quantity of new genomics data may need further advances in .data and knowledge management

Advancing personalized medicine

Organizations are leveraging advanced technologies and processes to create data-centric, model-based environments. For example, pharmaceutical companies simulate the effect of drugs on different genomes and tumor propagation to help identify more effective approaches based on genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors to advance personalized precision medicine. Life sciences companies are reinventing themselves based on the patient experiences they can provide for consumerization of healthcare and value-based care.

Part 1: Science in engineering for product innovation
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