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Local Governments and Cities

Boost the deployment and support of territorial and urban missions


Boost economic, social and sustainable development

Economic, social and sustainable development is at the heart of local governments and cities challenges. Related to many local stakes like mobility transformations, infrastructures development, industry reconversion, services coverage, employment growth, and urbanism but also to the territory attractiveness and global radiation, it supposes to gather and orchestrate a wide range of resources, stakeholders, and to deal with constraints or unexpected situations.

Competing in an international ecosystem of cities while managing local questions supposes a lot of flexibility, agility and efficiency as well as an extended collaboration capacity with stakeholders having various profiles. 
Being able to switch from global to local, from normal to crisis mode easily and to be able to work as an integrated and open ecosystem, requests a deep transformation of working processes and the integration of innovation and technical challenges as real opportunities.

Digital Platforms, enabling to work outside institutional siloes and to build the “virtual twin” of any situation or project are the backbone of the public sector’s transformation. Such an approach, enables to work on a shared science-based referential, to simulate the impact of different solutions, to monitor the trends and public opinion, to follow the progress of the projects and to communicate impactfully. It is the key to support an innovative and efficient economic development, a new kind of local public governance and position the territory at the place it targets within the national and international rankings. 

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