Extract the resources needed to power our world in the most productive and sustainable way

From Siloed to Integrated Mining Operations

Mining provides critical resources to modern life, technology and businesses supplying raw minerals to manufacture products across all industries and segments. To reduce environmental impacts and manage increasingly scarce resources, integrated mining operations rely on technology for a competitive advantage to transform the future footprint of mining. 

Building the Sustainable Mine of the Future through a Virtual Twin Experience

Dassault Systèmes helps mining organizations design and implement projects across the mining value chain, supporting geology modelling, mine design, tactical and strategic mine planning and other activities.


Building a virtual twin experience of a mine allows companies to optimize their operations, build resilience, model, simulate and validate new processes taking into consideration ESG targets and moving closer to net-zero emissions.

Trusted by Leaders across Industries

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Mining solutions from Dassault Systèmes unlocks value across the mine lifecycle

Resource Portfolio Evaluation & Modeling

Reduce geological uncertainty, modeling turnaround times, and maximize mineral resource conversion. Improve reliability of drill core interpretation with auditable geological models and sustainable land management.

Mine Production & Distribution Scheduling

Monitor all mining activities in real-time to improve visibility, control and mine production synchronization with tactical mine planning and operations management based on well-defined KPIs.   

Strategic Mine Planning & Design

Maximize mine profitability and increase NPV up to 25% by designing and optimizing sustainable open pit and underground mines. Perform a feasibility study, incorporate safety, market volatility and environmental footprint factors.

Customer Stories

How Leading Companies are Using our Mining Solutions

Customer Story | Infrastructure, Energy & Materials

Cementos Argos

Supporting Sustainable Development

Colombia-based Cementos Argos is a multi-national leader in the cement and concrete markets. The company chose Dassault Systèmes mining solution to help meet its sustainability goals, grow the business and generate social value.

For Cementos Argos it´s essential to operate in a sustainable manner because we are convinced that this is the right way to generate social value, be profitable and reduce the environmental impact, both from the environmental and community components... Dassault Systèmes has been our strategic partner as we continue to grow together in a sustainable and responsible way in the cement industry

javier buitrago argos
Javier Buitrago
Mining Projects Manager, Cementos Argos

GEOVIA | Model the Sustainable Planet

Our brand, GEOVIA, supports the sustainable capture, use and re-use of natural resources across the planet