MODSIM - Unified Modeling and Simulation

Reshape your Product Development



1. What is MODSIM? 

  • MODSIM is a resulting value from using unified modeling (CAD) and simulation (CAE) tools and technology in the context of an innovation platform supported by automation, design space exploration, and knowledge capture
  • MODSIM allows customers to cut design time from months to weeks and weeks to days as evidenced by customers themselves

2. Engineers have used Modeling and Simulation for years. Why are we discussing it now more than ever?

  • Yes, engineers have used Modeling and Simulation tools for many years. But the tools were siloed with their own required knowledge and organizational teams. MODSIM is more than just bringing the tools together. MODSIM is about the value of truly left-shifting simulation into the design and even concept design stages allowing design exploration, knowledge capture, and acceleration of sustainable design with improved quality

3. What is the main advantage of using MODSIM?

  • The connection between Modeling (CAD) and Simulation (CAE) is intimate and immediate.  Simulation best-practices and processes developed by expert analysts can be published and re-used with the context of design. MODSIM fosters creativity and design exploration through its fast and efficient simulation model updates following a CAD revision.

4. How does MODSIM processes enable SSOT?

  • 3DEXPERIENCE platform is the foundation for implementing MODSIM processes. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides technologies and solutions for multidisciplinary design, modeling, multiphysics simulation, and optimization. In a MODSIM environment, users can use multidisciplinary tools to perform different simulations across different physics while maintaining associativity with initial CAD data.
  • The MODSIM environment ensures a single source of truth for data and always maintains data compatibility. You always be sure that you are working on the correct data, the latest design, and have access to previous simulation results and their KPIs

5. How does MODSIM reduce product design time?

  • By using simulation early in the product design cycle, costly errors and dead ends can be avoided, keeping you on the straight and narrow path to successful design project completion. Done carefully, the MODSIM approach minimizes prototyping, maximizes innovation and quality, and gets the job done earlier to reduce risk.
  • MODSIM values like automation and democratization of simulation also accelerates the design process

6. How do simulation templates accelerate the design process?

  • Simulation templates capture the best practices and intellectual property a company invests in simulation creation. This is the path to simulation democratization. It makes simulation available to communities of users with varying levels of simulation expertise, such as designers. The designers can explore the design space using these templates and design exploration tools to quickly review hundreds of design alternatives to determine the best design. This streamlines and accelerates the design process.

7. How can we perform a true multidisciplinary simulation with MODSIM?

  • MODSIM process on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform connects design and simulation and bridges the gaps between engineering disciplines enabling truly integrated multiphysics simulations. SIMULIA portfolio covers the entire spectrum of the physical behavior of design – structural, fluid, electromagnetics, acoustics and multibody systems. MODSIM enables simulations that consider the interactions of these different physical aspects rather than treating them as independent of each other, revealing the true behavior accurately. 

8.  How can MODSIM save costs?

  • The principal cost-saving factor for MODSIM is reduced design cycle time with less (or no) prototyping.  Plus, the resulting designs are often better than those that would have been arrived at through design-prototype means

9. Where can I expand my knowledge and develop my skills to incorporate MODSIM techniques? 

  • MODSIM is all about bringing people together on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. We have created a supportive community that brings together simulation, modeling and design experts. Here you can ask a question, start a discussion and explore the community aspect of the platform
  • You can also discover replays from 3DEXPERIENCE MODSIM Conferences, and learn about the journey of leading organizations like Jaguar Land Rover, Unilever, Renault Group, PepsiCo, Novo Nordisk and Airbus Group among others. Also get access to presentations, demos and tutorials. Visit

10. How can I buy MODSIM? 

  • 3DEXPERIENCE roles are the building blocks of MODSIM processes. We want to work with you to curate your MODSIM journey based on your business requirements and where you are currently in using Dassault Systèmes products. Contact your local Dassault Systèmes representative or fill in your information on the Contact Us page and a sales representative will reply

11. I am a 3DEXPERIENCE platform user. How can I start using MODSIM processes in my organization?

  • You are in the best position to start using MODSIM processes within your organization. We can start with having a unified modeling and simulation data model. We can also guide you at every step until you reach your business goal by connecting engineering to other business functions where MODSIM truly flourishes and comes to life. Contact your local Dassault Systèmes representative or fill in your information on the Contact Us page and a sales representative will reply

12. I use SIMULIA standalone products like Abaqus, fe-safe, PowerFLOW, XFlow, CST Studio Suite, Opera, Simpack, wave 6, Isight & Tosca and/or CATIA V5. How can I start using MODSIM processes in my organization?

  • MODSIM processes can be built for all users of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. If you are keen on MODSIM, we encourage migrating to the platform. Contact your local Dassault Systèmes representative or fill in your information on the Contact Us page and a sales representative will reply