Complete enterprise solution for developing the best vehicle driving experience with respect to the vehicle dynamics performance

Vehicle Dynamics is a process in order to develop, optimize and virtually validate the vehicle dynamics performance of cars, trucks or bikes using Multi Body System (MBS) simulation technology. This process is applied to mechanical components and complete mechatronic vehicle systems from early concept design until final product validation including post release trouble shooting.

It covers road vehicle simulation workflows regarding:

  • Lateral dynamics (“Handling”)
  • Longitudinal dynamics (“Driveability”)
  • Vertical dynamics (“Ride”)
  • Durability of mechanical components
  • Component and complete system NVH (acoustics investigations based on nonlinear MBS time domain simulations)

It also contains the complete vehicle mechatronic system validation and optimization with the focus on the mechanical system part. This typically requires Software in the Loop (SIL) simulations including controllers, hydraulics, pneumatics, electrics etc.

Based on unique SIMULA/Simpack real time simulation technology it also supports workflows for Hardware in the Loop (HIL = e.g. controller or component hardware to be validated in combination with a detailed virtual vehicle). The same technology can be used for Man in the Loop (MIL = human being sitting in a driving simulator driving the virtual car) applications and for providing of virtual mechatronic car models in order to support the virtual development and validation of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving.